“2 places in 1 that aspire to be complimentary in both lived-experience & the identical culinary signatures of Kevin Lépine & Elliot Brochain”


Texture’s menu is composed of 8 plates, the creation of which is composed of fresh, organic seasonal produce served in courses of 4, 6 or 8. This intentionally condensed menu is punctuated by the seasons with an emphasis on texture and flavour. We aim to showcase fresh produce from local producers and work in partnership with market gardeners, fisherman, artisan butchers and winemakers in the development of our fare.

Our wine bar is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 7pm until 1am. We offer a large menu of natural wines accompanied by a carefully selected menu of both savoury and sweet appetizers and “L’inspiration du Chef”, a menu consisting of 2 savoury dishes and 1 sweet according to the inspiration of the day.

Reservations are required for restaurant bookings at Texture. No reservations required for the wine bar. Come as you are – we will always find room to warmly welcome you.


Home Made
Where possible, most of our products are wild-caught, organically-farmed or sourced from
sustainable agricultural practices.
We favour local, small-scale producers. As such, some provisions may be in short supply or
unavailable. Please excuse us when this occasionally occurs.
All dishes are made in-house, to order, from fresh products. If you have specific dietary
requirements, please consult the document located at the reception of the restaurant. – Cheques are not accepted.


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Restaurant, bar à vin, cave à manger, tapas & raciones

8 rue des Cordiers / 7 rue de la Herse

35400 Saint-Malo / Intra-Muros

02 99 48 10 00


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